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50+ videos Play all Mix - JAKE PAUL - PewDiePie Roasted Us!! YouTube; PEWDIEPIE- JAKE PAUL IN THE TITLE **REACTION** - Duration: 13:35. Tay & Steph 122,662 views. 13:35 Suppert the chan get merch : https://represent.com/pewdiepie ( ‿ ) Submit M E M E S: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ __ TSUKI.

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Im Jake Paul. 23 y/o pro boxer / musical artist FAHLO ME OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS Instagram: jakepaul Twitter: jakepaul Snapchat: jakepaul19 Oh.

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I make videos GROW YOUR CHANNEL AND GET ACTIVE VIEWERS Gain Active Subs Fast | Get Subscribers 24/7 | Auto Sub Board | Get On The Wall This 24/7 Live Stream is for anyone. YouTube king Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg hit out at Jake Paul after the content creator was criminally charged by police in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 4

PewDiePie roasts Jake Paul as he makes triumphant return

  1. The creators he looks at range from Casey Neistat, to PewDiePie, to Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau: and he wasn't afraid to hold back if he thought they had overspent
  2. But PewDiePie at least tries to explain why his mistakes were different than those of the Paul brothers. Unlike him, PewDiePie says, Logan and Jake Paul are out in the world disrespecting people.
  3. But now it appears that PewDiePie is in hot waters again. And for this very reason he has called upon Jake Paul and Logan Paul for help. Swedish YouTuber Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg is in a nail-biting race with Bollywood label T-Series to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube
  4. (Photo: YouTube / Jake Paul) Jake Paul inherited his older brother's vlogger tendencies and grew a dedicated fanbase throughout his Disney Channel acting career. But in 2017 he made headlines when his neighbors began complaining about the noise and dangers created by him and his team of digital creators — his Team 10 — all of whom lived in his West Hollywood home
  5. 【中字】盘点油管十大最有钱的博主 包含Logan Paul、Jake Paul、David Dobrik、PewDiePie 穿花格子衬衫的猫先生 16.3万 播放 · 890 弹

YouTuber PewDiePie Shades Jake Paul's New Influencer Movemen

PewDiePie powrócił na YouTube i od razu przeszedł do konkretów, atakując jednego z kolegów po fachu. Jeden z najsłynniejszych youtuberów zaatakował Jake'a Paula, który namawia swoich. #10 : Logan Paul Revenus 2018 : 14,5 millions de dollars En janvier 2018, l'aîné de la fratrie Paul, âgée de 23 ans, a été exclu du programme Google Preferred de YouTube, qui offre des revenus publicitaires préférentiels aux chaînes populaires, après avoir tourné une vidéo au Japon montrant une personne s'étant suicidée en se pendant en forêt Jake Joseph Paul (born: January 17, 1997 [age 23]) is an American YouTuber, musician, actor, and professional boxer from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in Calabasas, California best known for the music video It's Everyday Bro with his group Team 10. He was originally one of the most followed and viewed people on Vine along with his older brother Logan Paul Jake Paul content cop. I'm glad you guys suggested it. Thank you. DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/asian-jake-paul-feat-boyinaband/id129..

I PUT PewDiePie HOUSE UP FOR SALE | Jake Paul Inspired

Watching the least viewed videos by the most viewed youtubers! Today we have pewdiepie, jake paul, and markiplier. I saw lots of people doing Watching youtu.. Jake Paul earned $21.5 million over 2018, in just over 2,500 minutes of YouTube content. This puts his incredible earnings at $8,511 per minute of YouTube video

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Lets Compare Pewdiepie, Logan paul vlogs, and Jake paul YouTube Statistics with each other with Social Blade to see how they are progressin Logan Paul's song, The Fall of Jake Paul has more than 150 million views. YouTube/LoganPaulVlogs RiceGum's diss track, It's EveryNight Sis has more than 125 million views Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2018: Markiplier, Jake Paul, PewDiePie And More. Jake Paul. 2018 Earnings: How YouTube Star Logan Paul Made $14.5 Million Amid Scandal YouTube surprised everyone last week by releasing Logan Paul's premium movie, The Thinning: New World Order, a high-gloss YouTube Red film that had previously been put on indefinite hold after. Jake and Logan Paul don't appear in this year's Rewind. Neither does KSI. PewDiePie, David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, and Erika Costell — some of the most talked-about YouTube creators this year.

24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs! Join the movement and Be A Maverick: https://shoploganpaul.com 7. Jake Paul Årsinntekt: cirka 95 millioner kroner. Tidligere Disney Channel-stjerne som nå er videoblogger og driver eget managementbyrå. 6. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) Årsinntekt: cirka 99,5 millioner kroner. Svensk videospillkommentator og Sveriges største eksportvare siden ABBA

Report includes: Contact Info, Address, Photos, Court Records & Review PewDiePie calls Jake Paul 'empty' and 'nothing' as he roasts Financial Freedom Movement amid triumphant return to YouTube 'Sadak 2' Beats Jake Paul and PewDiePie to Become the Most Disliked YouTube Video in India. Sadak 2 Trailer becomes the most disliked video in India / Screenshot from video uploaded by FoxStarHindi on YouTube. With a whopping 5.3 million 'dislikes' at the time of writing this,.

PewDiePie slammed fellow YouTuber Jake Paul in a new video

PewDiePie is more like Jake Paul than he wants to admit. | Source: PewDiePie/YouTube Paul is in his early 20s, and he's a multi-millionaire.That actually makes him at least credible, if not authoritative, as a source of business and financial advice Seems PewDiePie isn't the biggest fan of Jake Paul's new Financial Freedom Movement, taking a moment to serve one hell of a roasting after he made his triumphant return to YouTube this week. Online star - real name Felix Kjellberg - has posted a video Sunday night evaluation where Jake was with Pewds took a break from video platform Showbiz › Celebrity News YouTube highest earners 2018: From PewDiePie to Jake Paul and Dan TDM, these are the highest paid vloggers It all started out with a video camera, and now these. Jake Paul was up to his usual Jake Paul online menace-ness this weekend when he decided to turn up to fellow YouTuber MrBeast's house uninvited. Jake Paul PewDiePie Youtube YouTubers youtube PewDiePie Jake Paul T-Series Popular YouTuber Jake Paul went on a mission all the way to T-Series' Indian headquarters for an elaborate scheme to bolster PewDiePie who finds himself way.

Tattoo artists give hilarious reaction to YouTubers' ink - PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, Jake Paul and more. Inked Magazine / YouTube. Share. PewDiePie Jeffree Star Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie to his YouTube subscribers, 4 of 15 Jake Paul 5 of 15 Austin Jones 6 of 15. Earlier this month, Logan Paul declared he was 'going gay' for the month of March as part of his 2019 New Year's resolutions. Paul dubbed the event, 'Male Only March,' and as you would expect. Media caption How Logan and Jake Paul became social media superstars PewDiePie . The 28-year-old Swede - real name Felix Kjellberg - is the world's highest-paid YouTuber and has a whopping 59m.

PewDiePie Hits 25 Million YouTube Subscribers, Hasn't

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  1. d 100 million.
  2. YouTube star Felix 'PewDiePie Ahead of the highly anticipated fight between Logan Paul and KSI on November 9, PewDiePie calling for other stars to get involved such as Jake Paul.
  3. In an attempt to give him a huge leap, YouTube personality Mr Beast recently created a poll on Twitter, asking his fans if he should collaborate with the Paul brothers (Jake and Logan) to assist PewDiePie in the on-going battle
  4. PewDiePie is relaxing in Japan after taking a break from YouTube. Meanwhile his editor made this candid remark, PewDiePie fans are actually the most annoying fans ever. I love them but they're so annoying. Earlier this month, I got swarmed by annoying PewDiePie fans for roasting Felix in a farewell op-ed. It was exhausting
  5. PewDiePie begins a self-imposed hiatus. The YouTuber published his final video on YouTube today. There's no timeframe for how long he'll be away. After announcing plans for a break in early 2020, controversial YouTuber Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg published his final video today and began his hiatus in earnest
  6. ute of YouTube video, based on their earnings from 2018. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories

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Check Jake Paul's real time subscriber count updated every second. Real Time YouTube Subscriber Count This page updates every second. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Back to Social Blade Profile. Subscribe + Jake Paul . 20,200,000. YouTube Live. PewDiePie isn't exactly the smoothest guy on Earth. But couldn't Felix not be weird, just once all year, for Valentine's Day? Instead Kjellberg had to go and make Cupid's birthday all about his weird obsession with aquariums. Poor Marzia! PewDiePie's wife posted Instagram photos of her weirdest Valentine's Day date ever with Felix Dec 14, 2017 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Jake Paul, 20, rose to fame via the now-defunct Vine before finding significant success on YouTube, which eventually led to him landing a role on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark Jake Joseph Paul (født 17. januar 1997) er en amerikansk skuespiller og youtuber med overkant av 17 millioner abonnenter. han ble kjent gjennom plattformen Vine.Paul er også kjent fra Disney Channel serien Bizaardvark.Her spilte han karakteren Dirk Mann. Jake Paul ble født i Cleveland, og vokste opp i Westlake, Ohio.Han er sønn av Gregory Paul, en eiendomsmegler, og Pamela Stepnick, en.

It's Everyday Bro is Jake Paul's debut single, released on May 30, 2017 as a music video on YouTube. Jake, along with his crew Team 10, rap about their recent success as a grou Jake Paul: FBI agents executed a federal search warrant at YouTube celebrity's home By Stella Chan, Scott Glover and Topher Gauk-Roger, CNN 8/12/2020 UNC Asheville: Shelter in place lifted after a.

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  1. YouTube is punishing one of its most popular creators, Logan Paul, after he posted footage of a dead body to his channel. The video hosting site said Wednesday that it's decided to remove Logan.
  2. Forbes has compiled a list of the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018, and here's where the likes of Logan Paul, Markiplier and Jeffree Star fall on the list
  3. PewDiePie calls Jake Paul 'empty' and 'nothing' as he roasts Financial Freedom Movement amid triumphant return to YouTube 'Jake Paul is the reason no one likes YouTubers...I'm probably.
  4. The highest paid YouTube stars have been revealed and it is not Logan Paul, Jake Paul or PewDiePie. In fact, Logan and PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjelberg, just about scraped..
  5. YouTube Future Projections for Jake Paul ( 2020-11-03 - 2025-11-05 ) Users Recent Video User Tags male vlog vlogger man america us challenge challenges pranks vlogging. Featured Video Network Video Recent Blog Posts Made For Kids & COPPA - Initial Look At The Yo The Social Blade.
  6. g YouTube stunts at all hours of the night or that Logan Paul caused a riot at VidCon, a popular YouTube convention, when meeting.
  7. YouTube Rewind forgets Logan Paul and PewDiePie (Picture: Getty Images / FilmMagic) In recent years YouTube have released a YouTube Rewind video, which reflected on the past 12 months of all the.

PewDiePie's team-up with The situation forced creators like Philip DeFranco and BetterHelp to reevaluate how sponsorships should work on YouTube. Other creators, like Jake Paul and Brian. PewDiePie uploaded three Subnautica videos in one week. YouTube Bad Boy Jake Paul's in Trouble - And You Won't Believe Why . August 8, 2020 No Comments . Major Gaming Streamer's Penalty Exposes YouTube's Embarrassing Loop . August 6, 2020 No Comment Jake Paul/YouTube This story is part of a group of stories called . PewDiePie in particular has been criticized for amplifying anti-Semitic rhetoric to his own young audience

In the past, internet personalities like Jake Paul and gaming pros like TmarTn have uploaded infamous videos attempting to either explain their side of a story or to apologize to their audiences. In TmarTn's case, his apology video was even parodied by Pokimane, which resulted in a bit of bad blood between the two.. However, PewDiePie cast a bit more of a broad net in mocking YouTube apologies What is Jake Paul's net worth? Jake Paul is an American personality, YouTuber and social media entrepreneur. He initially rose to fame along with his brother Logan on the social media platform, Vine. Although Vine has now shutdown, Jake gained millions of followers from the app, and used that audience to build his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqh8dSzQV-g今天的PewDiePie好帅 我 Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg1 (born:October 24, 1989 (1989-10-24) [age 31]), better known online asPewDiePie (or simply Pewds, formerlyPewdie), is aSwedish YouTuber, comedian, vlog ger,gamer, and co-founder of Tsuki Market along with his wife,Marzia. Originally, Felix was known for his horror playthroughs (like amnesia) and reactions but nowadays, heis notorious for his freestyle/skit humor.

YouTuber Jake Paul charged in connection with 'riot' after police receive 'hundreds of tips' Jake Paul speaks at a news conference in January in Los Angeles. (JC Olivera/Getty Images Jake Paul har 20 millioner abonnenter på YouTube, og er lillebroren til den kanskje mer kjente Youtuberen Logan Paul (25). Siktet i mai Videomateriale fra lokale TV-stasjoner viser FBI-agenter. LOS ANGELES (AP) — FBI agents including a SWAT team served a search warrant at the home of YouTube star Jake Paul on Wednesday. The FBI executed the search warrant starting at 6 a.m. at the Calabasas, California, mansion in connection with an ongoing investigation, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said in a statement

After a 37-day hiatus that saw him temporarily abandon his YouTube channel and travel to Japan for an extended vacation, PewDiePie has returned to vlogging It's Everyday Bro is a song by American YouTube personality Jake Paul, featuring members of Paul's social media collective Team 10. It was released on May 30, 2017. The song is a diss track that took aim at Vine personality (and Paul's former girlfriend) Alissa Violet and YouTuber PewDiePie and social media crews DigiTour and Magcon YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admits Rewind was 'cringey' after it became most disliked video and faced backlash from PewDiePie and Logan Paul

Watch Jake Paul Takes over PewDiePie YouTube Red Show! #DramaAlert Logan Paul DUMB! RiceGum Kick - josegary9568 on Dailymotio Logan Paul is the latest to join the list of YouTube scandals after he posted a video of an apparent suicide victim in Japan When Vine shut down, Jake Paul had 5.3 million followers on Vine, Game Theorist host Matthew Patrick says in the video. Logan had even more, with 9.4 million Jake paul taking over (replacing) Pewdiepie's Youtube Red show. (HE IS PISSED) Remember that Youtube Red show Scare Pewdiepie and when it got taken down for some reasons? Well gues what? F*cking Jake Paul is making a show very a like to Scare Pewdiepie. Really Jake

PewDiePie claims Jake Paul should know better after

Well, to put pewdiepie with those two is definitely not fair. I'm not a huge fan of pewdiepie but I do know that he is humble and if he ever comes across badly it's usually because he means to for his character. That's the reason he is where he is.. YouTube celebrity Jake Paul, who is not a native to Arizona, was seen among crowds who looted Scottsdale Fashion Square Saturday night YOUTUBER Jake Paul was hit with a federal tax lien for over $2 million before the FBI raided his Los Angeles home and seized guns from the residence, The Sun can exclusively reveal. On Wednesday, a public information officer confirmed to The Sun that the Los Angeles FBI is executing a federal search warrant in connection with an ongoing investigation regarding his May protesting arrest in. Digital Trends compiled a list of the most disliked videos on YouTube, and PewDiePie's stunt reached the fourth position. Jake Paul's It's Everyday Bro music video sat at number three with 4.4.

Expert reveals cost of YouTuber watches: PewDiePie, Jake

Posted in r/h3h3productions by u/UnknownKings • 1,123 points and 26 comment His fans continue to leave comments (nearly 150,000) about how much they miss him. A PewDiePie message forum is sharing pie recipes. Burnt out on a daily upload schedule, and the most annoying fans ever, PewDiePie is still relaxing in Japan. It's been two weeks since PewDiePie dropped off YouTube. Gone are the days of daily uploads (The common theory about why these major players — particularly PewdiePie, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul — were omitted is that they've each become less-than-stellar examples of YouTube's. Mr. Paul, a YouTube star and actor on the Look no further than Jake Paul, a YouTube-generation successor including the star PewDiePie. A rap song that Mr. Paul released with some of his. FBI raids home of YouTube star Jake Paul 5 Aug, 2020 10:17 PM 3 minutes to read An FBI spokesperson says the search warrant was executed at Jake Paul's Calabasas mansion

PewDiePie is using Logan Paul's drama to repair his own

Jake Paul is not down for the count. In fact, the YouTube star may have had his home raided by the FBI recently, but he's worked to be transparent about what's happened.He's also still. r/youtube: r/YouTube is for meta-discussion about YouTube as a platform - its features, bugs,business decisions, etc. This is a fan sub, not run or User account menu • Top 10 Youtube Creator Award Reactions Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI, PewDiePie and More. Discussion this messed me up. jake paul made a video confronting cody ko for making youtube videos critical of him. he legitimately thinks he's standing up against a hateful cyberbully. it's so hard to. The subreddit full of 19y/o fans of Pewdiepie aka Felix Kjellberg. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 7.9k. Jake Paul: 5 mil on YouTube in six months, never done before . . . PEWDIEPIE: Close. 7.9k. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Jake Paul: 5 mil.

Jake Paul's home has been searched by the FBI.. On Wednesday, Aug. 5, the agency executed a federal search warrant at the 23-year-old YouTube star's Calabasas, Calif. home. The bureau confirmed to E In the video, PewDiePie said that to meet him, all you have to do is call him out on YouTube (in Saiman Says' case, his video begging for a meetup with PewDiePie was viewed more than 250,000 times) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCECMNf3Nfc&t=10sPewDiePie2018年6月21日发布the ksi, comedyshortsgamer, logan paul and jake paul beef - hyper analyse Federal agents recovered a cache of firearms from controversial YouTube star Jake Paul's Los Angeles mansion following a raid there Wednesday, according to a report. Authorities were seen se

Jake Paul Campaigns For PewDiePie Against T-Series Again

Logan Paul, Jake Paul, PewDiePie, JonTron, Keemstar and other YouTubers are some of the top rated, most watched creators on the platform — but they're not perfect. YouTube hasn't taken a. Jake Paul - EXPOSED! Andrew Anglin July 25, 2017. Daily Stormer | Finally, PewDiePie is taking down this Jew Disney-manufactured piece of shit. YouTube Nazi PewDiePie Uses Hitler Simulator to Find Origins of Jew Hatreds. Daily Stormer March 12, 2017. Ben Richards. PewDiePie Mocks Jake Paul for Giving Financial Advice Then Gives Financial Advice. As if that weren't astounding enough, PewDiePie is actually guilty of what he slams Jake Paul for within the same video that he upbraids Paul. It's unbelievable. Pewds mockingly says: Yes, Jake Paul is the person I look at when I envision financial freedom 13.5m Followers, 7 Following, 1,000 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jake Paul (@jakepaul How Much Does PewDiePie Make Per YouTube Video? On an average day PewDiePie accumulates 5-10 million views per video on his YouTube channel. That's most than more YouTube channels will ever get in their lifetime. For the sake of this question, I will use 6 million views on a video as an example. $5 per 1,000 views on a video viewed 6 million.

All the YouTube Scandals From Logan Paul, PewDiePie and

YouTube star Jake Paul was among the looters at a Arizona shopping mall, according to a report. TMZ reported Paul was recorded on video standing outside the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall Saturday. View the daily YouTube analytics of Jake Paul and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts With his spiky blond hair, brash personality and eye-popping antics, YouTube star Jake Paul has propelled to fame as a social media villain and provocateur PewDiePie once again reigns supreme on YouTube. Indian music corporation T-Series briefly managed to open up a nearly 11,000 subscriber lead, before an epic rally pushed Felix Kjellberg back into pole position, even as he continues to face controversy over his appearance in the New Zealand terrorist's manifesto

Pokimane Thicc Bio: Everything About The YouTube Star

Jake Paul's new song It's Every Day Bro is too much for me. These Horrible Designs are UNREAL https://goo.gl/OwH59v H3 Podcast is available at: ITUNES. Jake Paul is finally speaking out. The YouTube star had been laying low since the FBI raided his house a little over a week ago and hadn't posted to social media, which is a rarity for someone. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube This entry was posted in youtube and tagged jake paul, logan paul, pewdiepie, youtube on April 28, 2019 by Kevin McGill. Post navigation ← Try Not To Laugh Challenge: FNAF SL MARKIPLIER TO BE CONTINUED Jake Paul killer clown prank

Destroying My Golden HOVERBOARD!!!! - YouTubeQUIZ: Who Said It - Liza Koshy Or Lilly Singh? - We ThePewDiePie's New Kid Character | PewDiePie | Know Your MemeHow tall is Adam Saleh? - Who Is Adam Saleh? The YouTuberCaptain Tate - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays

Jake Paul hasn't been low-key about showing off his weapons, and a casual display of 2 firearms in a recent video may have been a factor in the massive response by the FBI during the raid at his. Read More: Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2018: Markiplier, Jake Paul, PewDiePie And More Income from brand deals disappeared, costing Paul low-single-digit millions Jake Joseph Paul (born January 17, 1997) is a YouTube personality who rose to significant fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul first came into prominence for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.In 2018, Jake had a boxing match against YouTube star Deji Felix Kjellberg, Producer: PewDiePie. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on the 24 of October, 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is a Swedish YouTube video game commentator under the alias name, PewDiePie. He graduated from Göteborgs Högre Samskola and then went to pursue a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden

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